Feature request: modal loading message, prevent interaction with page #2036

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When the loading message is displayed the user can still click on the background controls. Could it be possible to prevent that adding a modal behaviour for the loading spinner.


Can you add this to the feature request wiki? We'll re-open when we want to work on this. Thanks!

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Yes please, this feature is needed. An option is needed to block user interaction when waiting on a page to load. Without it, a tap-happy user can queue up unintended events.

For now, I've sound this handy snippet: https://gist.github.com/1100435


I found another snipped without the use of the block plugIn:



+1. I am using the new $.mobile.loading function. I have ended up hiding the content, but re-showing it is not playing nice, since after the modal finishes I move to another page. Then using a back button the page is still hidden. I need to find a hook to re-show it ...


+1. This is my desired default behavior. Please add as an option.



I think it would also be important to let the user exit the modal window if loading is taking too long and they want to interact with the UI again. Maybe this could just be exposed with an event that triggers every time the loader is shown though and manually added if it is too much trouble.


+1 as well -- what's the point of overlaying the loader smack dab in the middle of the user's screen if they can still interact with the page, is my question.

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