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After having the same as I did some "stuff".

This fiddle causes my IE7 to hide behind other open windows.

But ONLY if there is one tab open: if one has more than one tab open, the issue is NOT visible...

The fiddle does not cause my IE8 to hide BUT the window briefly goes behind and then in front of other windows

  • with more than one tab: no flicker... One sometimes has to refresh a few times to see the issue: "don't blink"

The original poster has some older JQM code @ which briefly goes behind and then in front of other window with IE8 (IE7 remains behind other windows).


  • that todd looked at the issue with but the page does not show the issue.
  • I have the issue using "latest" in my web-app with IE7 and IE8 going and remaining behind other windows.
  • using the fiddle markup in a localhost setup does NOT show the issue.

All in all, a bummer of a case: sorry.


going into "debug as best I can, JQM": any hints to get the full latest code.
3 dys left until summer holidays and I hate this bug as the company uses IE7 as main IE :(


Believe it or not: this seems to be the case.
JQ and JQM code at bottom of markup === issue

I used the enclosed markup on my localhost web server: js fiddle does not confirm the problem/solution in this case
-the original poster of the issue on forum also has JQ and JQM code at bottom of markup.
-the has JQ and JQM code at the top of the markup.

Never did get as far as debug JQM code (just crash course in Git Fork): allways examine the markup first folks!

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
        <script src=""></script>
        <script src=""></script>
        <div data-role="page" id="appPage" >
            <div data-role="content">
                    <ul data-role="listview" >
                        <li data-role="list-divider">
                        <li data-role="list-divider">
    causes IE 7 and 8 : window to background
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

So this seems like a browser bug with how the markup is done in this case, not something with jQM, right? I'll close then...

@toddparker toddparker closed this Jul 12, 2011

The gotcha is now documented, so the Info can be found until a browser note (wiki?) is made when getting closer to final release.


This is still an issue for me - with JQM in an iframe it is reproducible even with the script tags in the iframe's head.


Found the offending code:

// Kill the keyboard.
// XXX_jblas: We need to stop crawling the entire document to kill focus. Instead,
//            we should be tracking focus with a live() handler so we already have
//            the element in hand at this point.
// Wrap this in a try/catch block since IE9 throw "Unspecified error" if document.activeElement
// is undefined when we are in an IFrame.
try {
      $( document.activeElement || "" ).add( "input:focus, textarea:focus, select:focus" ).blur();
} catch(e) {}

Commenting out those three lines fixes the problem. Any information on what commenting them out is breaking would be appreciated!

@jblas jblas was assigned Aug 5, 2011
@toddparker toddparker reopened this Aug 5, 2011

Thanks for the tip murdercitythom. Re-opening so we can give this a look.


Had this issue in IE7-9. Deleting those 3 lines did indeed fix the problem. (JQM 1.1b2) EDIT: 1.1b3 as well


Role on IE10 ... :)


See issue #2821 for a possible fix and report back if that works, esp. on 7.


Did this commit fix this too?

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@OwenBrotherwood @murdercitythom @Vanthel - Can you confirm this issue has been fixed so we can close? Thanks!

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@OwenBrotherwood @murdercitythom @Vanthel

Since there is no response I suppose the issue is not there anymore when using latest code. If it still persists, please comment so we can reopen.


I am having this issue with JQ 1.9 and JQM 1.3 under IE 9. Problem can be seen on your demo page too. Seems to be popups in general. Scroll down to the yellow Action button and click it a few times, window dives to desktop and sticks. Only happens if one tab is open. This issue makes it impossible to use popups. I tried commenting out the lines shown above, but it does not help.

Addendum: It seems to only happen with a list view in the popup, and only after an element is selected at least once.


See the "fix" I mentioned in related issue 5814.

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