degradeInputs in latest git version gone #2123

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negue commented Jul 21, 2011

Is this now a new feature or just a bug?

I really would need the feature back .... :)


Worked on it today. Almost done. Hang tight :)

anho commented Jul 26, 2011

Need this one too.

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Jul 26, 2011
scottjehl brought back degradeInputs page option, this time as a decoupled page…
… plugin file. Fixes #2123
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in 79d3aa6 Jul 26, 2011

By the way, the doc @ indicates that the type="search" will be degraded to type="text": but the type get's degraded to type="true".
This is an old feature, not caused by the commit.

The code problem could be the:
search: true, // should be search: "text" ???
optType = o.degradeInputs[ type ] || "text"; // the value for search is "true"
if ( o.degradeInputs[ type ] ) { //

And one could save a micro micro sec by having the declaratiom of optType statement in the code segment:
if ( o.degradeInputs[ type ] ) {

Degraded Form Input Types
jQuery Mobile degrades several HTML5 input types back to type=text, or type=number after adding enhanced controls. For example, inputs with a type of range are enhanced with a custom slider control, and their type is set to number to offer a usable form input alongside that slider. Inputs with a type of search are degraded back to type=text after we add our own themable search input styling.

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that referenced this issue Aug 19, 2011
scottjehl degraded type should have been "text" instead of true. Addresses a co…
…mment in issue #2123
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