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Flip toggle switches don't animate when tapped. #2346

jblas opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Kin Blas
Kin Blas

The flip toggle switches used to animate when you tapped/toggled them. It seems this checkin:


broke this because it sets the value (via refresh) prior to the animation being set up.

I have a fix for this.

Kin Blas jblas was assigned
Kin Blas

The fix for this is on the 'transitions' branch and can be found here:


It can land on the HEAD once the $.fn.transitionComplete() method lands from the 'transitions' branch.

Kin Blas

I landed the selector fix to enable animation on the HEAD:


Also landed a related fix that removed the bogus animationComplete() call. This was not necessary since an animationend event will never be generated for a CSS3 transition, and was leading to us binding a new handler every time the switch was clicked.


Kin Blas jblas closed this
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