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IPv6 address URL parsing fails #2362

bkoenig opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

bkoenig John Bender Kin Blas

If you use jQuery Mobile with an IPv6 address in the URL, e.g.


then it won't work at all because URL parsing fails. I fixed the hostname part of the urlParseRE to make it work.

Currently it reads
At first disallow [ and ] in hostnames:
Then add the special IPv6 case as an alternative:

Please review.

Thank you and best regards

Kin Blas jblas was assigned
John Bender johnbender was assigned
John Bender

Based on my reading here: I made alterations to prevent matching on the reserved characters described in section 3.2.2 for the host portion.


Any review here is appreciated, and if you feel particularly energetic we'd love some additions to the test suite if you spot issues :D

Kin Blas


Thanks for catching the problem.


Looks good. Thanks for landing the final fix and for the tests!

John Bender


For you? Anything. :D

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