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Documentation - middle clicking link does not open target in new tab #2438

sinewave42 opened this Issue Sep 14, 2011 · 6 comments

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Your online documentaion is a nice demonstration of the library. But it's documentation, so I need to be able to open links in a new tab. Middle clicking on a link, which is my normal way of opening a new tab, opens the link target in the current tab. So does ctrl-clicking, and so does right-clicking to try to open a new tab through the context menu. (All with Firefox 6.0.2 on Windows). Middle-click and ctrl-click also open in the same tab in Chrome 13.0.782.220 (release) on Windows, but right-clicking brings up the context menu correctly. The only way I've found to open the links in a new tab in Firefox is to drag them onto the tab bar, which opens a new tab with the linked URL.

@gseguin gseguin closed this Sep 14, 2011

I don't appreciate the tone of this message, it's completely unnecessary. On my Mac, I can right click and choose the "open in a new tab". I can also Command click to open in a new tab. Not sure what a middle mouse button is, but standard gestures and behaviors seem to work fine for me.

Closing, not an issue.


Sorry for the tone of my initial message, you're right, it was completely unneccessary. I've edited it because of that, but also because both the alternative methods you suggest don't work for me either. It's not a major issue, but it is an issue for me.


FWIW. This definitely seems to be a problem on Firefox. Right-clicking on a linked-element results in the normal click event being fired instead of allowing the context menu to be displayed. So, if you go to the JQM docs and right-click on any links, list items, etc. it navigates directly to the target location instead of allowing the context menu to be displayed.




See any issues with the above? I'll also include a test and a small refactor to consolidate the early exit stuff from click handling in nav.

@johnbender johnbender reopened this Sep 14, 2011
jblas commented Sep 15, 2011


I updated your patch with the following comment:

"This looks ok, but we're going to have to sync up the vclick stuff too. That is, we are marking links as active on vclick, and executing the actions on click ... they both need to check for event.which ... but, we also have to modify the vmouse events so that they generate a event.which property for touch events. Note that vmouse events that are the result of real mouse events already have 'which' properties on them."



Closed with that commit.

@johnbender johnbender closed this Sep 15, 2011
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