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links in collapsible block with data-content-theme inherit text-style #2527

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i have no permission to reopen issue #2467 so i have to open a new one.

The new data-content-theme for collapsible blocks is a very nice solution! Thanks for this!

But the links in a collapsible block still inherits the text-style of its parent.


@gseguin and @toddparker

I know, i was who had complained about the new background in collapsible blocks,
but would it not be nice (and may consistent), if the bottom of the content gets the ui-corner-bottom class?
What do you think?


Thanks for finding this issue and posting the jsbin. We'll fix this up this week. The new design with the bg color and stroke for the content is meant to provide better visual connection which is what (I think) you're looking for. The new plan of not really changing the content style unless you add the theme attribute is sort fo a nice, clean break for this and I think adding the border is probably too different from B3 but not different enough from the themed content block to be crisp.

@gseguin gseguin was assigned

CSS is playing against us here. The content div has class ui-btn-up-c and the first listview header has ui-btn-up-a. So the anchor in the list item matches both: .ui-btn-down-a a.ui-link-inherit and .ui-btn-down-c a.ui-link-inherit in that order so the last one wins.

@toddparker, that may justify having one class per swatch for background and border. What do you think?


This is going to be tricky to solve because of all the inheritance going on. @gseguin - I'm not sure that will solve this issue. I think we're going to have to take a look at this a bit later since it' somewhat of an edge case.


Use the demo at
(expanded for "page-theme-switching", please use the swatch-switch-buttons)
to check the "inheritance-propagation" from page over themed/unthemed collapsible-content to the anchors.


We could use ui-body-%%swatch%% instead of ui-btn-up-%%swatch%% for the collapsible content.
It looks different though:


@gseguin - That makes a lot of sense anyway. This is a content block, not a button so that is more accurate anyway. It may not match the button color at all but that's why you can mix and match themes. We should note this is the docs once you change it.

@gseguin gseguin referenced this issue from a commit
@gseguin gseguin Fix for #2527
Use ui-body-* instead of ui-btn-up-* for collapsible content
@gseguin gseguin closed this

@gseguin That looks very nice! Good job again. Thanks!

@timmywil timmywil referenced this issue from a commit
@gseguin gseguin Fix for #2527
Use ui-body-* instead of ui-btn-up-* for collapsible content
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