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The page events: pagebeforeshow, pageshow, pagebeforehide, pagehide are very usefull in most cases but i think there's a missing event when you compare the pagecreate event with the above...

Because there's no pageremove event, which i think should be triggered when a page is removed from the dom.

The reason being that first of all i think it will be more logical, and secondly my use case is that i need to update the page contents even when its hidden if its still in the dom, so when i remove the page from the dom i want to have some extra logic to clear some stuff.


Can you add this to the feature request wiki and close when done? Thanks!

@jblas jblas was assigned Sep 26, 2011
jblas commented Sep 26, 2011


Yeah, makes a lot of sense!


Added to the feature request wiki, thanks :)

@kurteknikk kurteknikk closed this Sep 27, 2011
@kurteknikk kurteknikk reopened this Sep 28, 2011

Sorry there was a misunderstanding, i closed the issue after i added it to the feature request wiki, i should have closed it when the issue is solved...


Normally, we'd close issues once added to the feature request wiki page, but it sounds like @jblas is thinking about adding this now.


Ok thanks for the info, also i agree with @jblas that its very important to be added before the first RC is released.

@jblas jblas added a commit that closed this issue Sep 28, 2011
@jblas jblas Fixes #2537 - Add new pageremove event
- Modified the pagehide callback in $.mobile._bindPageRemove() so that it fires off a "pageremove" event. Callbacks can prevent the removal of the page by simply calling preventDefault() on the pagremove event object that is passed to their callback.
@jblas jblas closed this in 34fb7b2 Sep 28, 2011
@jblas jblas added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 28, 2011
@jblas jblas Added unit test for issue #2537 - Add new pageremove event.
The test makes use of a pageremove callback that conditionally calls preventDefault() on the event so that the test can make sure a developer can prevent a specific page from being removed from the DOM.
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