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Dialog loads new page when ajaxEnabled=false and dialog is external. #2648

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When a dialog page is external and ajaxEnabled is false, the dialog loads in a new page instead of the dialog popup. I saw that there was a fix to "allow embedded/internal pages to be loaded as dialogs when clicking on @data-rel="dialog" links" (issue #2202), but not for external pages. Is there a fix in the works?




I believe we'd have to transmit the intent for the page to be a dialog along with the request to support this and there's a danger there of mucking up a server request (reads: we won't be doing that). If you have access to the document where the page is defined you can give it the requisite data-role to render it as a dialog.



I was wrong about the data-role=dialog working, and we can certainly address that as a feature addition. Added to the wiki page under navigation:

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