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Enhancement request: PNG images could be optimised losslessly #2650

chrisben opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Using Trimage I get between 6 and 27% compression for the PNG images of jquery mobile. This GUI is actually using optipng or pngcrush optimisations without any quality loss.

In 1.0rc1 it managed to bring down the total size of images from 11.9kB to 10.7kB. It's not that much, but every little helps :)

Could you perhaps add a command line optipng/pngcrush step into your release packaging process?


This is a good idea. I'll have to look into adding this...


I believe this can be closed now. @chrisben Do you agree?


Of course, I just updated the black sprites so this would need to be re-done.


I tested the images found in 1.0rc3 .zip, black images could be even more optimised.

Using Trimage:
icons-18-black : -9.5% 2 kB -> 1kB
icons-36-black : -12% 4 kB -> 3kB

Though loader + white images are now at their minimal size.

Could you check what can be done for the black images before we close this issue?


Yes, in the end the -black.png images should have the same size as the -white.png images.


Problem described in my last comments is still there in 1.0 final


I just think we ran out of time on this one. If you submit a pull, we can get this in for 1.0.1


@gseguin - do you add this to both master and the 1.0.1 branch?

@toddparker toddparker closed this


This landed only on master, let me know if you want me to cherry-pick it to 1.0-stable as well.


Yeah, I think we should.


It's in: de9d20e

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