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rc1: data-content-theme not working AND data-theme on page not cascading to header & footer #2655

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Several theme issues I ran into. Hopefully I'm not being stupid here, but I've pared it down to the most basic example and the problems still persist.

See for my use-case. Tried with rc1 and latest (if there is a difference)...

At least for me, the page looks like:

Looks like that in Firefox 7, newest Chrome and iPhone 4.

As a "fix" I can manually apply data-theme to the header and footer, but it still doesn't fix the content issue. Need a jquery hack for that to remove that theme class from the content block...

@gseguin gseguin was assigned

The docs at says at Default header features:
The header toolbar is themed with the "a" swatch by default (black in the default theme) but you can easily set the theme swatch color.


Yes, but according to #282 the data-theme specified on the page level should cascade, no?


I think this feature may have been lost with the decoupling a while back. We'll have to look into re-adding this but it would have to be post-1.0. At least it's easy to add that attribute to your header.


Todd: yup. But the removing of the ui-body- class from the content pane is a bit more hackish:

For reference of other folks, the line I'm using is:
$("[data-role='content']").removeClass(function (index, css) { return (css.match (/\bui-body-\S+/g) || []).join(' '); });


May i have lost the context know, because the jumps between header/footer bars and content inheritance.
But what the code above shall do? Remove the the ui-body-x class from the content?


Maurice: Yeah...I was having the issue where a ui-body-x class was being added to the content div...thus you'd get a gradient overlap. That line I posted dynamically removes that css class and fixes it for me.


@toddparker I believe we can close this one. We have made it clear in the docs that headers and footers do not inherit theme from the page, therefore I believe this is a feature and not a bug.


Right, this is working as designed so closing.

@toddparker toddparker closed this
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