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Click event in all the form button doesn't trigger when click the button label #2668

zation opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Zation Mat Marquis begmandev Todd Parker titoliviolustosa

I've tried to bind the "vclick" and "click" and "tap" event in the form button. But they all don't trigger when I click the button label. When I click the other area of the form button, the click event does trigger. I guess if it's caused by the button label (the span) is in the front of the button and make the event not trigger?
I use JQuery 1.6.4 and the latest version of JQuery Mobile.
This problem is tested on Chrome and the default browser on Android 2.2.

Mat Marquis

Are you seeing this issue in any browser in particular? Also, when you say “latest version of jQuery Mobile”—do you mean RC1, or do you mean your local version of this repo? Thanks!


Hi Wilto,
I use to get the latest JQuery Mobile, so I think it should be RC1.
I just test it on chrome and the default browser of Android 2.2, so let me edit the description...

Todd Parker

Should we close this ticket and #2628 since #2629 seems to have the best information?


The problem still remains in IE.

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