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Problem when clicking the button label still remains in IE. #2743

titoliviolustosa opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

titoliviolustosa Jasper de Groot Mat Marquis


The problem still remains in IE.
I'm using JQuery 1.6.4 and the latest version of JQuery Mobile ( ).

Jasper de Groot

@titoliviolustosa - We are looking into to this. Can you confirm if it is still a problem and which versions of IE you tested? Thanks!

Jasper de Groot

If this is still an issue on IE...
See #4413 - value for filter property should be opacity=10 ?
Do we have to add -ms-filter property for IE8? (

Mat Marquis Wilto was assigned
Jasper de Groot

See also #2993

Jasper de Groot

See also #4034

Jasper de Groot

I looked at the 3 issues @titoliviolustosa refered to and tested the submit button in all possible ways on IE7 (using IETester), IE8 and IE8 in quirksmode. No matter where I clicked on the button, the submit event was triggered.

Closing as fixed.

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