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Control Groups with Buttons Aren't Styled Properly #3005

Rfvgyhn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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When there's a control group based on <button> elements, the last item in the group doesn't get either ui-corner-right or ui-corner-bottom (depending on orientation) on the button's parent <div>.



Try to replace <button data-role="button">Two</button> with <input type="button" ... />


Looks like the data-role attribute is messing it up. Including the attribute, both the <button> and <input> has the styling issue, but removing the attribute for both causes it to render properly.


Yes, it seems with your code, there are two buttons on each other.


This seems fixed in 1.0.1:
However the issue is present in latest:


'Additional 2' of PR #4291 will fix the issue with double enhancement.

I am looking into the problem with input type = button in controlgroups. It is caused by class ui-controlgroup-last not being added to the outer ui-btn div but to the input element itself. Not sure yet how that happens.

[Update] Cause is double enhancement as well. For buttons and inputs with data-role button the buttonMarkup function is initialized by the element itself as well as the button widget. Added commit to exclude not only buttons from auto init, but also inputs.


Closing as fixed (PR #4363)

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