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Slider isn't refreshed properly when value is set to empty string #3029

anpsince83 opened this Issue November 11, 2011 · 1 comment

3 participants

anpsince83 John Bender nalinwijayasinghe

When you set a slider's input value to an empty string and refresh it, ie: $("#myslider").val('').slider('refresh');, the slider handle stays in place and does not move back to the beginning as you would expect.

This is easy to reproduce: go to, and put $('#slider-0').val('').slider('refresh'); into the console, run it, and you will see the slider handle does not move.

John Bender johnbender closed this in cbaa42d December 05, 2011

Wow. It is working. Thanks bro....I have tried in so many ways. But failed. Finally I got this and it is working nicely. Thank you very much....

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