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JQM-RC3 - Radio Buttons & Checkboxes don't render on WP7 (without Mango Update) #3086

Net-IT opened this Issue November 17, 2011 · 3 comments

4 participants

Net-IT Mat Marquis Todd Parker Maurice Gottlieb

On my jQuery Mobile website and also on the jQuery Mobile demo site ( and the jQuery Mobile test site ( the radio buttons and checkboxes doesn't render anymore...

Technical Specifications:

  • Only Windows Phone 7 (without mango update)
  • Could not refector in IE 9 (developer toolbar -> Browser Mode IE 7)
Todd Parker

Hmmm. Yep, we were able to reproduce this issue but only on WP7. Looks ok on IE7 which is really odd.

Mat Marquis Wilto closed this issue from a commit November 17, 2011
Mat Marquis Fixes #3086 — Windows Phone 7 seems unable to use find() for an attri…
…bute-based selector, in this context.
Mat Marquis Wilto closed this in a0ec2eb November 17, 2011
Maurice Gottlieb

This is really a well done job. Respect @Wilto !

Mat Marquis

Thanks, man! I wish this new selector were a little quicker given WP7’s JavaScript engine, but we can always circle back and try to find a quicker way of doing this—at least it’s not broken anymore.

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