Prevent data-role="button" from double enhancing buttons or inputs #3141

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If you add data-role="button" to a button or input type=button/submit/etc. which is automatically enhanced, the script will add the button markup twice: wrapping the input and also injecting the button markup inside the input.

  <input data-role="button" type="submit" value="GO"/>

Even though this is incorrect markup, we should put in a check to see if there is duplication between the role and auto-init and not apply the markup enhancements twice in this scenario to make this fool-proof.


This should be pretty easy and involve simply checking for the existence of a data object named "button" before executing the code in buttonMarkup().


It seems, issue #3005 is related to this one. The duplicate button markup misses the ui-corner-styling for the last button in a controlgroup.



Sorry, can you create a test page if the problem still exist? I'm not able to recreate the bug here... :(


Ok, this is so odd, it seems to be working now. Looking at why:

Lots of issues reported on this in the past:


So any ideas why $("#mytest").button().button('disable'); would disable the button correctly but $("#mytest").button('disable'); doesn't disable the button?



"disable" is actually a method on the button widget. This is basically a constructor (create) call for the widget:


while this is calling disable() on an existing button:


You can't call the last example unless you've done the first one at some time before.

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Josh Dean Prevent inputs with unnecessary data-role button from being double en…
…hanced: bug #3141

@jblas - Thanks, that was what I was thinking, just needed some confirmation.

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@garann garann fix for #3141 - redirect from button() and buttonMarkup() to correct …
…function for element
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Hi everyone, never commented on GitHub before ,

I am having this issue of the button double enhancing.

This is what I have. HTML below (GitHub does not show it)

I also tried with

I keep getting double submit buttons. Its the only thing holding me up at this stage of submitting my app to Apple.

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@lismore could you try to produce a jsbin with your example? template here:
(see details about how to report an issue:

Thank you

jQuery Foundation member

I'm glad you found the problem :-)
and you're very welcome....

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