Inconsistent form objects elements length and border radius and shadow. #3148

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ora726 commented Nov 23, 2011

I have noticed that when putting in a form elements of different type their look is not consistent.

For example :
The border radius on an input field, a checkbox and a button are all different
The length of input fields, checkbox and buttons are not the same, especially on wide screens
The shadow added on button is much more marked than on checkbox, but both elements are clickable elements and should be similar.
Please have a look at the following jsfiddle and play around with the window width, especially when the window is very wide to see the discrepency in length.




We have a button and grouping border-radius and I think we apply the grouping to checks and radios because they tend to have multiple, but I agree we can tidy this up a bit. We'll give this a look for 1.1.

The widths are tricky to get 100% the same but we'll continue to refine that too.

ora726 commented Nov 23, 2011

Thanks Todd, understood.


We did a pass at cleaning up form elements recently and although not 100% perfect, things are quite a bit better:

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