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There is a problem when styling the background of the header in dialogs in Chrome-Dev. You can better see the problem here:


Everything seems to be OK with the Android 2.3.4 browser (Galaxy S2) and with Firefox Beta


@alumni - out of curiosity, is this still an issue or did they fix this in later Chrome builds?


In Chrome 17.0.963.6-dev on Ubuntu I still have this issue. I think the previous environment was Chrome 17.0.942.0-dev on Windows 7.

I reported the bug using the wrench menu / tools / report an issue, so I don't have any link to their bug tracker.

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@alumni Are you still experiencing this issue? I believe this is now fixed, but would be great if you could confirm whether this is fixed also for your version of Chrome. Thanks, Anne


Closing because this appears to be fixed in latest. Please feel free to re-open if you're still seeing a problem.

@toddparker toddparker closed this Mar 12, 2012

I can confirm that this is no longer an issue in the 1.1rc1 branch when using the latest Chrome-Dev.

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