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I wanted to have some custom markup on a button, so i tried setting

$ = ".native"

before loading the framework
and applying class .native to the element.

Unfortunately, this is ignored, because the framework searches for
var page = $(target).closest(":jqmData(role='page')").data( "page" ) (line 314)

should be:

var page = $(target).closest(" :jqmData(role='page'), :jqmData(role='dialog')").data( "page" ) (line 314)

Problem is that type (e.g. 'page') and role (e.g. 'dialog') are both controlled via the data-role propery. Another idea would be to use both data-role and data-rel properties on the page being used as a dialog.


toddparker commented Dec 15, 2011

As of 1.0 data-role="dialog" isn't supported, Dialogs are shown by virtue of the data-rel="dialog" on the link to them. We are planning on adding support for this role in 1.1 but I'm closing this as an issue because you're trying to access an invalid data-role:

toddparker closed this Dec 15, 2011

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