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Form submit with reverse transition #3247

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According to the documentation, data-direction="reverse" should make the form show up from right to left (reversed transition).
But seems like it is not happening that way, at least in my case (I am using official release 1.0)

I guess the problem is in line 3220



type: type && type.length && type.toLowerCase() || "get",

data: $this.serialize(),

transition: $this.jqmData( "transition" ),

direction: $this.jqmData( "direction" ),

reloadPage: true



these options are then merged with settings in changePage(). The settings use the key "reverse" (bool) to determine the transition direction, not "direction"

Hope this help


Pull request to fix this is under review:



Great @johnbender - Looks like there isn't an issue associated with that pull so I should leave this open.


@toddparker There is also a duplicate issue #2367


Good point @irnc - closing as duplicate of #2367

@toddparker toddparker closed this
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