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Newest Chrome deprecation warnings with jQuery older than 1.7. Good reason to add jQ 1.7 support to jQM? #3267

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Hey guys,

The newest chrome is sending crazy deprecation warnings on some events. Among other things, mousemove. The message says

event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.

This is fixed in jQuery 1.7, though. Any word on when jQ 1.7+ support is coming?

Note that I have no problem using an unofficial version from Github (my project isn't live yet).

To reproduce

  1. Go to with Chrome
  2. Open your JS console
  3. Move your mouse around and witness hundreds of warnings :-)


@johnbender johnbender was assigned


Issue for 1.7 support: #3268

I'm going to leave this one open to make sure that this is corrected with 1.7 support.


Just as a side note, neither core nor jQuery Mobile actually make use of layerX/layerY. The warning is being generated as core copies the properties off the native event on to the normalized jQuery Event object it dispatches to all binding callbacks.


We need to remember to close this issue once we land the 1.7 change. I'll leave open for now.

@johnbender johnbender closed this
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