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Add support for jQuery core 1.7.1 #3268

toddparker opened this Issue · 13 comments

4 participants

Todd Parker John Bender Steve Calvert Rob Aldred
Todd Parker

For 1.1, we need to support both 1.6.4 and 1.7.1

John Bender johnbender was assigned
John Bender

Tests pass. I'm going to look into #2965 and then push this to master. I'm considering 1.7 part of 1.1 since it deprecated some things and is a core req for jqm.

John Bender

#2965 has been closed.

John Bender

#3267 should also be closed on completion of this change.

John Bender

#3280 needs to be fixed

John Bender


I'd also like to wait until we've lived with it a bit to close this one. I have a feeling we'll notice some other oddities.

Todd Parker

Interestingly, now that we've made this switch my 1.0 boilerplate page doesn't work (it links to 1.6.4)

If I switch to jQuery 1.7.1, the page works again:

...both should work and be supported. Any ideas why this is breaking?

Steve Calvert

Any idea of a timeline for release of 1.1? There's no release date on the milestone.

Todd Parker toddparker closed this
Todd Parker toddparker reopened this
Todd Parker

We should have clarity on what we hope to release 1.1 and what it will include within the next week or two. Lots of moving parts at the moment.

Steve Calvert

OK, cuz I just basically blew my foot off by upgrading to jquery 1.7.1. Our next release isn't slated until end of Feb. Do you think it should be before then?

Todd Parker

We've upgraded to 1.7.1 in master and haven't run into many issues at all so you should be ok. We just didn't want to commit to 1.7.1 before having enough time to test it fully. If you are seeing any bugs, you could easily cherry pick a commit or two if needed.

I think 1.1 will land sometime in that neighborhood, but I can't commit to anything specific at the moment. Hope that is helpful enough given what we know now.

Steve Calvert

OK sounds good. I'm happy to merge certain changesets if things get too funky. Thanks for the quick replies.

Rob Aldred

I've been using jqm 1.0 with jq 1.7.1 for a couple of weeks now.
I'm using pages, dialogs, fixed toolbar with tabbed navigation, most form elements & buttons and dynamic listviews all seem to be working without any issues.

Todd Parker

Closing since this is now in master and we are testing on both 1.6.4 and 1.7.1

Todd Parker toddparker closed this
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