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Provide a failsafe if people use data-role="dialog" #3275

toddparker opened this Issue December 15, 2011 · 3 comments

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Todd Parker John Bender Chetan K Jain Anthony M. Powers
Todd Parker

We're seeing some people try and use data-role="dialog" which isn't a valid role yet in the framework. You make a dialog by linking with data-rel="dialog" on a link but in non-ajax situations, people must be trying this instead.

The dialog role results in a blank page because it's not valid. As a first step, we can look for data-role="dialog"`` and change it todata-role="page"`` so at least the page renders.

In an upcoming update, we can try and truly support this role so the page renders as a dialog. I'll make a separate ticket for that.

Chetan K Jain

I think this issue can be closed as duplicate of Issue #3276 ?

Anthony M. Powers

If you're going to make an exception for people who are making this error, wouldn't it make sense to treat all invalid data-role types as "page"?

Todd Parker

I don't think so. This is more of a temporary fix until the data role is properly supported. Since you can only have one data-role of page at a time in a view, it would be dangerous to assume that an unknown role is a page.

John Bender johnbender closed this in 67ae0eb January 13, 2012
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