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Remove down state class from being added on listviews #3281

toddparker opened this Issue December 15, 2011 · 4 comments

3 participants

Todd Parker Kin Blas Brian Muenzenmeyer
Todd Parker

When you scroll a listview, you see that the list item where you start a scroll will get up with the down state class which normally is just a bit darker but could be a strong visual shift. This is an artifact that provides no real value and is distracting. People never see the real down state because we apply the active state as soon as a list item is selected.

So we need to modify button markup to add an option to not apply the down state in listviews. This can be an internal option since it's sort of an edge case.

Brian Muenzenmeyer

I just commented on Issue #3071, I think they may be a duplicate? Either way, this behavior is potentially confusing.

Todd Parker

We've landed a tweak recently to master to resolve this:

Todd Parker toddparker closed this December 31, 2011
Todd Parker

One thing we'd still like to resolve: in iOS, if you do an tap hold and open the link context menu, the down state sticks on the list item, even when you navigate to a page and back again.

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