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Iphone : Go button does not close the keyboard with Data filter #3303

lijumathews opened this Issue December 19, 2011 · 6 comments

6 participants

lijumathews Jasper de Groot Jason Scott Ghislain Seguin Todd Parker

I have a data filter set on a UL list. On an I phone the keyboard popups when I focus on the filter input and the filter does work as expected when I type letters. The Issue here is that as the form does not have a submit or an action set to the form, the keyboard "GO" button does not close the keyboard. We need to either hit the done button or remove focus from the input element by clicking anywhere in the screen.
I need to be able to close the keyboard on clicking "GO" or remove the button if it does nothing.

+1 ...noticed this issue too

Jasper de Groot
uGoMobi commented May 26, 2012

@toddparker - What do you think about setting focus on the first list item on GO/enter or down arrow?

Todd Parker

That seems like a good idea to me. +1

Todd Parker

The best approach may be to tap into the native form submit so this will work as expected across all platforms. When the firms submits, we cancel that, blur the input and focus on the first list item that's visible. Mapping the Esc or down key is a nice secondary accelerator.

Todd Parker

@jasondscott - maybe you can look at making this tweak?

Ghislain Seguin

Do we even need to focus the first list item? What would be the purpose?

Ghislain Seguin gseguin closed this in 336db34 November 15, 2012
Ghislain Seguin gseguin referenced this issue from a commit November 15, 2012
Ghislain Seguin Blur the search field on submit -- Fixes #3303
(cherry picked from commit 336db34)
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