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Notify user which version of the documentation they're viewing #3330

jasonlcrane opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Other than the address bar (unless your mobile OS hid it automatically), there is no way to tell which version of the jQuery Mobile documentation you're viewing. Seems like there's a decent chance people are unknowingly landing on previous versions of the docs after a Google search.

Lately I'm noticing that the test build is generally the first result, which is good, but I'm wondering if it would make sense to add a version number to the documentation page headers. Something like this: It should probably be on the right but the "Edit in" message was hiding it.

Adding that wouldn't fix the problem with previous versions of the docs, but I don't know how big of an issue that really is. I was playing around with something that could be added to the jqm-docs/js file, but I just ended up with a Chrome userscript that notifies you if you're on an old version. For what it's worth:

For reference, here's a search results page for "jquery mobile pageinit". The first result for is to the test docs, followed by the alpha 4.1 release.


Yeah, Google's results for the library aren't ideal. The yellow flag shows the version but on latest (/test/) it usually says the previous stable release so we should update this flag as soon as possible to 1.1-pre for example.


Good point on the flag. That helps on the index page but not on the inside pages where you're more likely to end up after a Google search.

If there's an original image I can get my hands on, I'd be happy to update and send you a pull request fixing that and the #jqm-version text.


As @jasonlcrane said, if you come from a Google result you wont see the yellow label. Anyway I think that the user has to be notified with something more visible than just the version number, that the docs that is viewing are from a non stable version.


The docs are getting a complete make-over but for now I added the version to the footer.

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