Flip switch issue in Chrome, Safari, IE with jQuery 1.7.1 #3345

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There is Issue #3280 which is now closed as fixed.

But I noticed that with jQuery 1.7.1, flip switch sometimes does not immediately respond to mouse click, I retry mouse click a couple more times it works. But sometimes it works just fine. Very frequently reproducible.
If I revert to jQuery 1.6.4 it works just fine.

This behavior is observed in:
Not working properly: Chrome, Canary, Safari, IE 10 preview
Works properly: Opera, Firefox

Flip switch does not work at all with IE9 when using jQuery 1.7.1, but works with 1.6.4


I just made this simple test page using latest and 1.7.1 and don't see an issue with Chrome 15/Mac:


Seems to be working fine now. Not sure why it was behaving so earlier. Maybe to do with my laptop. Can be closed.

@chetankjain chetankjain closed this Jan 1, 2012

I'm getting the same issue as @toddparker. The repro is consistent for me on IE and Chrome on Windows 7.

On 1.7.1 the flip switch won't engage at all on IE. On Chrome there is a barely perceptible 'budge' on the first click.

On 1.6.4 the flip switch works correctly.

The repro works with the sample flip HTML:
Select slider:
Off On

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