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Close icon of dialog doesn't work with $.mobile.defaultDialogTransition set to "none" #3351

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Due to performance issue I set transition to none.
$.mobile.defaultPageTransition = "none";
$.mobile.defaultDialogTransition = "none";

And there's problem on my Android device 2.3.6 when I use close icon (X) to close the dialog, the dialog will close, but it will re-open again.
Sometimes it also happened on iOS device.
It's normal when I remove $.mobile.defaultDialogTransition = "none", but the transition effect is very laggy.


I am able to reproduce this on iOS5 with this code:

I had a similar issue in a web site I am making. It's because the close dialog uses the virtual mouse click "vclick" rather than the normal "click" event. Essentially your tap is being placed on the close button and the thing that opens the dialog at the same time.

The reason removing $.mobile.defaultDialogTransition = "none"; works is because the dialog doesn't immediately disappear.

Going to make a pull request switching the close button from using vclick to click.



I'm not seeing the pull request you referred to in IRC.


This looks like the delay issue from vclick. Have you any issue with switching over to click for this, with a comment as to why?

@imjoshdean imjoshdean referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@imjoshdean imjoshdean referenced this issue from a commit in imjoshdean/jquery-mobile
Josh Dean Fix to #3351, dialogs reopening when attempting to close them 240505a
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@sheebz sheebz Fixes commit #3351 - 87db1cf. This breaks any widget e.g. datebox whi…
…ch was firing vclick events to close dialog. In addition, jquery mobile enables fastclick (vclick) out of the box, see useFastClick, the documentation actually advises that disabling will break widgets.
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