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Button render issue when using JQM with jQuery UI #3375

ernieracer opened this Issue · 3 comments

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the title sums it up pretty much.

a link with data-role="button", doesn't seem to have an issue.

i created a small repro-fiddle:

note, that the issue goes away if you load jquery ui before jquery mobile:

the problem remains though. if one pre-fetches a page, or links to a page, with ajax, and the former page remains in the DOM, the buttons on the linked page will be not rendered correctly as well.

I don't know if:

  • it's a jQuery UI bug, or a jQuery Mobile bug
  • if jQuery Mobile is not meant to work together with jQuery UI (behaviour is intendet)
  • i'm doing something wrong (e.g. missing some setting)

thanks guys!


This could very likely be a CSS collision because we're both namespaced with ui- and the libraries aren't designed to really be used together at the moment. The ultimate plan is for these to merge at some point, thus the CSS namespace.

@toddparker toddparker closed this

hey todd,

thank you for the clarification! i should have looked in the browser, you were right, jquery ui assigned css classes already.

i'm using draggable/droppable from the jquery ui library in conjunction with jquery.ui.touch-punch.js (

here's a solution if somebody will face the same problem in the future:
i created a custom jquery ui build with just jquery ui core/draggable/droppable, which goes around that problem (and potentially others).

thank you,


@ernieracer Thanks for posting that tip, I'm sure others will find that useful.

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