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Honeycomb portrait does not fill to the bottom #3397

cjbon opened this Issue · 8 comments

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cjbon Todd Parker Kin Blas


I have this issue. I think Google design honeycomb table to be use as landscape by default.
When in portrait (physically), the screen doesn't fill all the way to the bottom and the rest of pages like listview will not be display correctly.

I wrote a script to echo orientation change, the honeycomb echo "landscape" when it is physically in portrait. When I do this with my android phone, landscape is landscape. I think Google reverse it.

Another user reported the same result.


Todd Parker

This is a duplicate of #293. We just landed a fix for this in master that should resolve this. 1a52240

Can you confirm by testing here:


Hi, it does seems to fit the issue when I test ->
How can I apply the fix?

Todd Parker

You can manually apply that commit to your copy. We'll include this in the 1.0.1 release soon.

Kin Blas

I believe @toddparker meant issue #2933.

Todd Parker

Errr, yes he did.


Hi, tried the daily build version and seems to be able to fit the height correctly so I assume the patch was applied to the daily build.

However, some page in Android honeycomb tablet version doesn't refresh to the new page. I need to rotate the screen then it shows the new page so it sounds like the page didn't get loaded/refresh correctly. This doesn't happen in the phone version so I assume this issue is related to this thread?

Todd Parker

@cjbon - What do you mean by refresh? Re-draw? Please post a test page and create as a new issue.

Hi guys, I have the issue as @cjbon , I'll try the daily build thing to fix the portrait full height issue. Hopefully that works, however I've noticed, Honeycomb simply cannot handle a simply page transition for just one of my links. The new page should whilst the renderer doesn't remove the old page and they overlap each other. And I can't fix it until I somehow focus the screen by other pulling the URL bar down and up again, or by changing the orientation. This is obviously a bit of a hassle.

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