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collapsible set corner bug in 1.0.1 #3529

kamikaze opened this Issue February 02, 2012 · 4 comments

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Oleg Korsak Mat Marquis Ghislain Seguin
Oleg Korsak

Before 1.0.1 collapsible set which was populated dynamically and then refreshed - worked ok:

Starting from 1.0.1 it is broken:

Oleg Korsak

Looks like code execution is not reaching collapsible-set widget's _create() method. At the same time collapsible's _create() runs fine for non-in-set widgets and collapsibles that are inside set. That's why in-set collapsibles look like independent.

Mat Marquis

Looks like this may be related to the changes in 94389bd

Kicking this your way, @gseguin. Thanks!

Ghislain Seguin

Good catch!

The decoupling of collapsible and collapsibleSet is the root cause of that issue. Before, everytime the create event was triggered the entire block was enhanced.

In the 1.0.1 codebase, create causes $.mobile.collapsibleset.prototype.enhanceWithin to be called on the collapsibleset element which in turn will call its _init method, not _create since at that time the collapsible set is already wigetized (

So there are two parts to that issue:

  1. collapsibleset should expose a refresh method to handle dynamic content which should enhance collapsible within.
  2. User error due to lack of API: don't use the create event to refresh the content of the collapsible set ;)
Ghislain Seguin gseguin closed this in 60f20e0 February 22, 2012
Oleg Korsak

Great, thanks! Will test today :)
Yeah. Confirming fix :)

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