Problem (BUG?) on iPhone: [Transition=none]+[touchOverflowEnabled=true]+[Back button] #3531

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zpmaxx commented Feb 3, 2012


It seems there is problem/bug with BACK button if you use Transition=none and touchOverflowEnabled=true on iPhone (this problem was reproduced on more than one iPhone/iPad). Everything is ok if you enable animation/transition or disable touchOverflowEnabled.

I've created simple demo as copy of my project

Demo: (
Source code: (

How to reproduce this problem

  1. [Home] page: click [List 1] item to open [List 1] page
  2. [List 1] page: click any item to open [List 2] page
  3. [List 2] page: click [List 3] item to open [List 3] page
  4. [List 3] page: click [test details] item to open [Details] page
  5. [Details] page: click [Back] button to go back to [List #3] page
  6. [List 3] page: click [Back] button. Page will not be changed

Hash and browser title will be changed, but page will not be changed.

Desktop Chrome and Android Browser (Galaxy S II) are ok.

Thanks for your answers


scottjehl commented Feb 13, 2012

touchOverflowEnabled is going to be removed (or at least internally unused) for 1.1, so this issue should work itself out with that change. You can test latest in master to see how transitions and fixed toolbars will work with the new system in place (which doesn't use touch overflow css on iOS5.) Thanks!

scottjehl closed this Feb 13, 2012

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