type='range' is not working with jquery 1.7.1.js #3554

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hi guys,

type='range' is not working with jquery1.7.1.js

when I use this jquery-1.6.4.min.js it works .

any idea ?


johnbender commented Feb 9, 2012


Appears to be working just fine there with 1.7.1. Can you provide a jsbin?


johnbender commented Feb 10, 2012


Ah, we won't support 1.7.1 until 1.1 is released. This bug is fixed in master. If you have any more questions please post here but I'm going to close the issue.

@johnbender johnbender closed this Feb 10, 2012

@johnbender that's ok. So, if we ever wanted to use the latest stuff, should we get the latest dev branch or stable release?


johnbender commented Feb 10, 2012


As far as using 1.7.1 is concerned master is the only branch that supports it so you can use


or the minified version


But keep in mind, those are up to date with each and every one of the commits that gets pushed to master on github including ones that might break something before release. That is to say, don't use it in production.

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