Re-enhancement after manipulating button state #3635

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Tested on [c5f0eb3]. With a call to .buttonMarkup() on a jQuery object that is correctly enhanced as a grouped button, it would fall back to a button with rounded corners.

Follow up: a quick fix would be executing .controlgroup() on the block level element enclosing this button.


Can you post a test page using the latest js and css? Template:


Also included workaround for #3637.

asgeo1 commented Apr 2, 2012

+1 having this same issue

But calling .controlgroup() will only fix it if the control group is visible on the page. For some reason it does nothing if the control group is hidden.


@itsnotvalid - When I look at your JSBin I don't see an issue. Can you confirm this is fixed? Same goes for #3637


@uGoMobi please look at the source of that JSBin, I actually did two workarounds to make it work as expected. I shouldn't need to call .controlgroup() to get it repainted (and .trigger('vmouseout') for #3637). Not sure I am am abusing anything here, though.



Sorry, I should have read better before looking at the JSBin.
I agree that we have to look into re-enhancement after manipulating the state.
Besides that we are going to add examples to the docs that show what functions to use for manipulating, etc.. (#4389)
If you don't mind I change the topic of this issue to a more general one and close #3637. Will look at both examples in your fiddle while working on the issue.


Note: The delete icon seems a bit misaligned. We need to check this.


Thank you please go ahead. I would be notified anyways.

@gabrielschulhof gabrielschulhof added a commit that closed this issue Oct 30, 2012
@gabrielschulhof gabrielschulhof [controlgroup] Use enhanced buttonMarkup corner-encoding ability inst…
…ead of setting corner classes manually -- Fixes #3635
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