JS errors during execution can kill page accessibility #3648

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This one has always been a problem in my opinion, but it's an easy fix.

The problem is, we add this class to the HTML element when the framework begins executing, "ui-mobile-rendering", which globally sets all children of the HTML element to visibility:hidden while jQM progressively enhances everything. If the page was visible during this time, it'd make for an ugly FOUC, so this class just hides things until they're ready, at which point the class is removed and the page is shown.

Problem is, if anything goes wrong during enhancements-stage, like a runtime error for instance, that class will never be removed, meaning a blank screen. Not good at all.

I think we can add a pretty simple timeout to ensure the class is removed after 5 seconds, no matter what. The default removal will still be in place, so in all likelihood, it'll be removed much sooner than 5 seconds, but the timeout places a bit of a guarantee that it'll be removed if something goes wrong.

@scottjehl scottjehl was assigned Feb 27, 2012
@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 27, 2012
scottjehl the ui-mobile-rendering class should handle page visibility during in…
…it just fine, which means hiding .ui-page by its class is all we need. This is the first step towards addressing issue #3648
@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Feb 27, 2012
scottjehl Add a last-resort fallback to ensure content is accessible if somethi…
…ng goes wrong during enhancements, such as a runtime error. Fixes #3648
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I don't know why it was re-opened but the fix landed so I am closing again.

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