2 Scrolling pages that call each other. #3659

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harvo commented Feb 28, 2012

We downloaded the following to cure our persistent headers and footers problem.... <%--jquery.mobile.1.1alpha.min.js" type="text/javascript"> This is working great now.

However, we have found the following on the Iphone IOS5 and the Samsung Galaxy tab.

We have a long listview, if we scroll down on this page then select one of our footer icons to go to another long scollable page you are presented with the new page half way down and no ability to go back to the top. It will not now scroll up past the lowest point you scrolled to on the previous page. We have tried mobile.silentscroll (0), we have tried scrollTop(0) when we hit the new page, these do not work. This is making our App useless!

If I revert to the stable version problem goes away but then the headers and footers issue returns.

Any advice welcome at this point.


Hi @harvo - can you post an example for us? We'll track it down. Thanks!

@scottjehl scottjehl was assigned Feb 28, 2012
harvo commented Feb 28, 2012

Hi Scott

We think we've got a solution but the reason for it is a little beyond us. The problem seems to be caused by the h1 tags in the header (remove them and the code will work fine). To see the problem you need to scroll down to the bottom of one page, then click the link in the footer to go to the other page, the other page will appear but the content will be lost above the top of the page and you won't be able to scroll back up.

Bug seems to be IOS and Galaxy Tab (7") only, we've tried Chrome here and its got no problems at all with the h1's


Our work around for the moment is to replace the h1's with a span and style them up until they look like h1's

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Feb 29, 2012
scottjehl no longer add a tabindex attribute to the h1, since we add one to the…
… page itself, and that's where we send focus on pageshow. Fixes #3659
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in bbd7b4d Feb 29, 2012
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