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Fixed footer bottom offset #3671

Henkeh opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This issue is a follow up on #3663.

When clicking on a page with a fixed footer the footer is positioned absolutely. Due to the fact that the class ui-footer-fixed gives the footer an offset of "bottom: -1px" the footer shifts 1 pixel down, once again revealing a scroll bar were none is needed.

The issue can be clearly seen when clicking on this page's content. I think the issue can be avoided by setting bottom equal to zero and padding-bottom also equal to zero for the class ui-footer-fixed on lines 1562 - 1565 in I don't know however whether this will break something else, as it is not quite clear to me why the bottom and padding-bottom are as they are now.


I think @Wilto fixed this today for issue #3694 with commit f8a4744


@Wilto do you agree we can close this one?


Yes indeed! Thanks for catching this one.

@Wilto Wilto closed this
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