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Error when there is a fixed header and no footer (1.1 RC1) #3675

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Tested on platform: Chrome 17

When a page contains only a fixed header and the page is switched, the following code will break: @ 7075

"nextFooter" will be 0 at this point when the page has no footer specified and will therefore throw an error when trying to "add".

Hey @Urmel,

Thanks for the bug report! Could you provide a reduced test case in the form of a jsbin or jsfiddle? You can use this one as the basis, linking to the latest code in our repo:


Here you go:
Click the "Two" to reproduce the issue. Thanks for reviewing the case.


+1 for the bug.
fixed with
// if( nextFooter.length || nextHeader.length ){
if( nextFooter.length && nextHeader.length ){
nextFooter.add( nextHeader ).appendTo( $.mobile.pageContainer ); "pageshow", function(){
nextFooter.add( nextHeader ).appendTo( this );

line 7081 in uncompressed file

@johnbender johnbender closed this in b9e8de5
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