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Select box (maybe not only it) margin bug #3684

kamikaze opened this Issue · 6 comments

2 participants

Oleg Korsak Jasper de Groot
Oleg Korsak

Correct margin in 1.0.1:
Incorrect margin in master/1.1rc1:

As I can see the problem is that ".ui-select .ui-btn" margin 0; overrides correct margin: 0.5em 5px; from simple ".ui-btn".
So when disabling magin 0 in firebug - everything looks fine.

I have this problem in Android 2.3.5 browser, Firefox 10.0.2 and 11beta. In IE8 it is a little bit better.

Oleg Korsak

Looks like it's fixed in master. Closing

Oleg Korsak kamikaze closed this
Oleg Korsak kamikaze reopened this
Oleg Korsak

oh no, I'm very sorry... it's not

Jasper de Groot

Just reference #4098 because I will look into consistency of buttons/form elements in general while working on a solution for that issue.

Oleg Korsak

ok. should I close this issue?

Jasper de Groot

No, don't close until it is actually fixed.

Oleg Korsak

Just to be up to date: same problem with 1.1.0

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