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JQM 1.1.0-rc1 : Fixed footer Not working properly on Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3.3) #3695

thomasribiere opened this Issue Mar 1, 2012 · 13 comments

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The fixed footer property doesn't work properly on Samsung Galaxy S with the JQM 1.1.0rc1 version.
With the previous one (1.0.1), we had the same pb.

I put a test page here :
and a screenshot, of how the phone is displaying the footer when you scroll.
The screenshot was made with FF and Gimp, because we can't make it directly on the phone :

The footer seems to follow the scroll when you begin to scroll, but after one scroll, it seems to follow the old position.
If you stop scrolling, the footer get back in its right place, but scrolling again will make it move again, insteed of staying on the bottom of the page.

Can you see the bug ?

Urmel commented Mar 2, 2012

Same behaviour on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Android 2.3.5


Same problem here. Samsung Galaxy S2 - Android 2.3.4.
Fixed header and footer are not actually "fixed". The behaviour is the same as in previous version of jqm (1.0). It seems that the fixed position doesn't use CSS property position:fixed but it uses a javascript workaround to reposition the the toolbar afert user stops scrolling.


Not working for me either on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

For me, it's hanging just above the bottom of the screen, like 5pixels or so :/


jQuery Foundation member

I can't reproduce this with latest code on galaxy s or Galaxy sII simulator or on several android 2.x actual devices. (no actual Galaxy s or sII available) i'm going to say this is fixed in latest. and IMO can be closed unless someone can reproduce.

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@arschmitz - Thanks for testing.

I haven't been able to reproduce this with latest code on Android 2.3 either, but didn't test on a Galaxy S or S2. Closing this as fixed. If someone still notices this issue we can re-open.


This still happens on Galaxy S2 and the jqm nightly build (1.2.+)!!

It weirdly floats when scrolling

jQuery Foundation member

@dotnetwise What version of android are you using? can you set up a simple test case in a jsbin for this?



seyaobey commented Nov 6, 2012

Same here with Samsung galaxy Y, version 2.3.5
It starts well but after scrolling a few times , header and footer just stop being fixed

jQuery Foundation member

if someone could provide a simple test page for this using the jsbin available in the contributing guidelines or here it would be extremely helpful in allowing us to track this problem down. Also can you see this on this page

jQuery Foundation member

@dotnetwise @seyaobey

Can you let us know if the problem occurs on your Samsung / Android 2.3.5 devices when testing this page?


I uploaded a non-JQM test page:
And a similar page using JQM (latest code):
Can you test both pages and let us know if there is any difference in behaviour of the fixed toolbars? Thanks!

mattcph commented Jan 17, 2013


I just got this galaxy gio, Android 2.3.6

non-JQM: footer floats up and does not reposition.

JQM: Footer/Header floats up on scroll then repositions on stop.

Sometimes footer hides rather than scrolls, then reappears on scroll stop, which is a better outcome, but it's not consistent. I will try this way to 'fix' the UI for our site...

Perhaps a workaround compromise for this OS version even?

lpfister commented Feb 5, 2013

+1 here,

It does not work on Samsung s2 android 2.3.7

Are you guys working onit ?

It does not work in jqm 1.1 1.2 1.3.

The behaviour is that when scrolling, the header scroll with the content and then on stop the header get reposition

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