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RC1 collapsible-set AND nav inheriting rounded corners #3814

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Moving from a page with a 'data-role=collapsible-set' to a page containing a 'data-role=collapsible' and then back to the page with a 'data-role=collapsible-set' causes the collapsible-set AND the footer nav to inherit rounded corners??

How to reproduce:


This opens on page 1.

Select page 3. Then select page 1. The collapsible-set looks fine.

Now. Select page 2. Then select page 1. The collapsible-set AND footer nav have added rounded corners (looks like on the inner).


Looking at the generated styles and comparing the initial state of the collapsible set on page 1, it seems to be adding "ui-corner-top" to the elements when going back to page 1 from page 2.

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This was also present in 1.0.1.


I think this was fixed by #3661. You might want to test on the latest build:


Yeah, I believe this is sorted now—I can’t reproduce anything along these lines. I did notice that collapsiblesets weren’t respecting the data-corners attribute while I was in the neighborhood, so that’s now fixed.

Closing for now; please reopen if you’re seeing the same issue in /latest. Thanks!

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