Redirected url is not updated properly #3846

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So I'm on "/page1.html", and I submit a form (POST) to "/process.html", which redirect back to "/page1.html" with a 302 status. The content shown to me is from "/page1.html", but the link displayed on the browser is "/process.html" (which is not very good if user hit Refresh, because it loads the page via http GET, which results in error). It should be "/page1.html" instead.


johnbender commented Mar 19, 2012


Is the form data-ajax=false? I'm assuming that it's not given that the url is being manipulated.

If it's not the current implementation of the xhr object in browsers doesn't support redirects so neither can we. There has been some discussion of supporting the workaround of supporting a higher level 200 response (280?) but that's not likely to happen soon.


Azuo commented Mar 21, 2012

Add data-url="page1.html" in page1.html?

@Azuo: You rock, man. It's exactly what's solves the case.


jaspermdegroot commented May 25, 2012

If I am not mistaken there is no issue here (anymore) so I am closing this one.

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