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data-prefetch attribute causes address bar to show during transitions #3872

scottjehl opened this Issue · 6 comments

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ios4 and 5 specifically


also, dom-cache causes the address bar to show as well.

Seems address bar shows whenever we're transitioning to a page that is in the dom


I am interested in getting it fixed as well - just stumbled into it.

I was extracting pages into several files for maintainability, yet I wanted them to load ASAP, so started using data-prefetch and.. got the address bar being shown on the page transition :/


This seems to be an issue on Android (4.1) as well. Test page: (pages are prefetched and data-dom-cache="true").

But there also seems to be a relation with the length of the page (see also issue #4571 ).


@scottjehl @amarchen @jaspermdegroot I noticed there hasn't been any activity on this in about 2 years. We're doing some cleanup of issues so just checking in to see if this is 1. still an issue with the latest jQM 2. currently being worked on or 3. can be closed. Thanks for the update.


Sorry, we redesigned site so that we don't use page transitions anymore and hence the issue isn't relevant for us anymore, don't know if it is happening still.


We don't try to hide the address bar anymore it is no longer really supported in ios closing as wont fix / no longer an issue.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this
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