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Submit-to-self form has query params duplicated on subsequent submits #3882

adammessinger opened this Issue · 4 comments

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My current jQM project includes a form for choosing the sort order of a list of items. It's a submit-to-self GET form, and each submission of the form appends the sort query parameter to the page URL again rather than replacing it.



On further investigation, this only seems to happen if there's no action attribute.


I can't tell if this is still an issue - @adammessinger?


Yes, if you repeatedly choose a gender option and submit the form at the test URL from the original bug report you'll still see the query parameters stack up in the URL instead of being replaced. This only happens when the action attribute is missing, but if I'm reading it right the HTML5 spec says that's now optional.

This version of the test case, without any JS, doesn't exhibit the problem:

Neither does this version, with JS and an action attribute:

But this version, where I add the action attribute with script, still does:

The "fix" for this may just be noting in the docs that you can't omit the action attribute when using jQM.

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@gabrielschulhof gabrielschulhof Adding test page for jquery/jquery-mobile#3882 b9ff6aa

I believe this is fixed as of the latest:

I couldn't use either jsbin or jsfiddle for a working example, because jsbin no longer supports retrieval via Ajax, and jsfiddle was throwing an exception that is not present on a plain Web page :/

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