Android ICS: URL in address bar doesn't change most of the time #3941

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rbdcti commented Mar 30, 2012

On my Galaxy Nexus (using the default browser), I go to and click on any of those links. Normally, the URL will not change (even if I'm in a page, it will still say ""). If I try the same thing on Chrome Beta on the device, the URL does change as you'd expect (or on FF desktop, or Chrome desktop, etc).

When the URL DOES change, it uses hashes instead of pushstate. According to , pushstate is supported on Android 2.2+, right? Shouldn't this URL 1) be changing as I switch from page to page and 2) not have hashes when it does change?

rbdcti commented Mar 30, 2012

I have a Xoom tablet running ICS as well and confirmed both issues on that as well. No issues on Android 3.x emulator...


@rbdrbd - Is your Galaxy running 4.x? Does the AJAX navigation work for you, including the back button? If so, maybe the URL is changing but the display isn't being updated, I've don't usually see nav issues on newer Android devices (2.2+).

rbdcti commented May 24, 2012

@toddparker: yes, running 4.x, and yes the AJAX nav does work for me fine, including the back button (just tested it now). So e.g. if I use the default browser on the jqm demo site and click on List Views, then Numbered List for example, the URL in the address bar stays as jquerymobile/demos/1.1.0/ ...if I try it on Chrome Beta on the same device, it works as you think it would (the URL changes)


I can confirm this issue on Android 4.0.4. native browser.
The url remains when you browse the docs. If you navigate to pages & dialogs > popup > scaling images the url is updated because the link to that page has data-ajax="false".
If you continue browsing from there the url remains .../popup/popup-images.html.
The problem also occurs on test pages other than the docs.


I can confirm this issue with Android 4.0.3 emulator.


If you test JQM 1.0 on Android ICS you see the same issue. So it's not a regression from something we changed recently.

Same here with android 4.0.4 xperia phone for jqm 1.3.1, some fix here ?


This is actually a known issue on android they dont fully support the history api after 2.3 things "work" but the url does not update. this is not a JQM issue and there is nothing we can do about it and Im going to close this as not a bug

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this May 14, 2013
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