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Chrome on Android ICS - Persistent footers need two taps to load #3973

toddparker opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Todd Parker Adam Messinger John Bender Jasper de Groot Mat Marquis
Todd Parker

Persistent footers do work, but the first time you tap, the active class is applied but the page doesn't change. If you tap a second time, it will load.

I can confirm this on a separate site with Chrome Beta on a Galaxy Nexus.

Adam Messinger

According to a comment #4663, this may be a problem with event bubbling. FWIW, I've seen similar issues in non-persistent footers and linked items in list views.

John Bender

Works on Jelly Bean. We need to get a 4.0.x device to test with.

John Bender

I didn't address this issue directly but I have taken care of #4663.

@toddparker @rbdrbd @adammessinger can you test by using ?


John Bender

@rbdrbd @adammessinger

If you can, would you mind adding

.ui-navbar ul {
  overflow: visible !important;

Anywhere in your page to see if this sorts out the issue?

Jasper de Groot

I can not reproduce the issue on Android 4.0.4 / Chrome 18.

Update: I tested master with and without @johnbender his fix dea9d31.

Todd Parker

I cannot reproduce on our Android 4.0.4 phone, default browser or Chrome here:

Jasper de Groot

Closing as fixed.

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