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Count Bubble position problem #3979

Azuo opened this Issue April 06, 2012 · 6 comments

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Azuo Mat Marquis Jasper de Groot Todd Parker Adam Tuttle
Azuo commented April 06, 2012

count bubble position using 1.1.0.rc1:
Everything is OK.

count bubble position using 1.1.0.rc2:
Count bubble overlaps the text in a custom multi-select menu, and is placed too close to the split button in a listview.

Todd Parker

We should touch this up before final. Thanks.

Jasper de Groot


Are you or somebody else already working on this? If you like I can create a pull request that fixes those issues. Just let me know.

Todd Parker

I don't believe @Wilto has worked on this yet so if you want to work on a pull request, we'd be happy to give it a look.

Todd Parker

BTW - we've decided to freeze the code and get final out sooner so this will end up landing in the first maintenance release.

Jasper de Groot

Azuo used a listview with data-mini="true" in his example. That is not supported (yet) as far as I know.
In my pull request I only enclosed two minor changes that make sure there is no overflow in case of a mini button in listview. So they will look good but for consistency the padding/position should be tweaked. I thought it was better to wait with adding those rules until mini listviews are going to be supported.

Edit: I replaced my original PR's by a new one which also makes listviews compatible with data-mini="true"

Adam Tuttle

I've also noticed that the count bubble is not repositioned in this case (link icon disabled):

<li data-icon="false"><a>Whatever <span class="ui-li-count">55</span></a></li>

I made this change in a custom css file I'm using for my application and it's working well for me, but it's not tested against all possible cases:

li[data-icon=false] .ui-li-count {
    right: 30px;
Jasper de Groot uGoMobi closed this issue from a commit June 07, 2012
Jasper de Groot Fixes #3979 and #4263 - Added/adjusted count bubble positioning and p…
…adding rules for select menu, listview buttons, and divider.
Jasper de Groot uGoMobi closed this in 72de793 June 08, 2012
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