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negue commented Apr 17, 2012


it would be great to set the default mini-Option for checkboxradio & textinput during mobileinit, I dont want to add a data-mini="true" to each control.

Currently I can only change the default mini-Option for:

  • collapsible
  • listview
  • button
  • slider
  • selectmenu

I just checked in the source JS for checkradio and testinput and both do have a mini option so maybe this is a documentation issue. Maybe @agcolom can take a look a this.

negue commented Apr 19, 2012

What I actually meant was an entry inside of

$.widget( "mobile.textinput", $.mobile.widget, {
    options: {
        theme: null,
        // This option defaults to true on iOS devices.
        preventFocusZoom: /iPhone|iPad|iPod/.test( navigator.platform ) && navigator.userAgent.indexOf( "AppleWebKit" ) > -1,
        initSelector: "input[type='text'], input[type='search'], :jqmData(type='search'), input[type='number'], :jqmData(type='number'), input[type='password'], input[type='email'], input[type='url'], input[type='tel'], textarea, input[type='time'], input[type='date'], input[type='month'], input[type='week'], input[type='datetime'], input[type='datetime-local'], input[type='color'], input:not([type])",
        clearSearchButtonText: "clear text",
        mini: false //<<< this part not exists
    }, ...  

and not:

mini = input.jqmData("mini") == true, 

I wanted to set the default Value with:

$ = true;
agcolom commented Apr 19, 2012

@toddparker just checked the docs and all seems to be well covered in the element entries and the data-attribute page. @eugenb1 has now clarified the issue ( @eugenb1 thanks for the clarification)


I can confirm that the checkboxradio and textinput widgets as well as the controlgroup function don't allow to programmatically set "mini" option. I will work on a fix.

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