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Listview data-mini="true" should be ignored #4114

uGoMobi opened this Issue April 19, 2012 · 3 comments

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Jasper de Groot Todd Parker Christian Flach
Jasper de Groot

From a JS point of view data-mini true on listviews is supported. The ul gets class ui-mini. The CSS is not ready for it though. A basic link list will look fine, but as soon as thumbs, count bubbles, icons, split buttons, etc. are involved there are many positioning issues. List dividers and static li's have there own font-size, but no adjustment for when used in mini listview.

The documentation about listviews and the data- attribute reference doesn't say anything about mini on listviews being supported. Still I noticed while reading issues here, many people think it is a supported option.

Is it in the planning to update the CSS to support this? If not or in the meantime, shouldn't the JS ignore the data-mini="true" when it is used for an ul with data-role listview?

Todd Parker

We don't support mini listviews and I'm not sure it's a good idea from a usability perspective. I agree that we should probably just ignore this data attriburt on listviews and not add the class because we haven't worked on supporting that and I can see a lot of things breaking.

Jasper de Groot uGoMobi referenced this issue from a commit in uGoMobi/jquery-mobile May 28, 2012
Jasper de Groot Fixes issue #4114 - mini listview not supported 852c8d9
Jasper de Groot uGoMobi closed this May 28, 2012
Jasper de Groot
uGoMobi commented May 28, 2012

Close as fixed by removing the option from the JS.

Christian Flach

Could you please add a notice to the docu explicitly saying that data-mini is ignored on listviews?

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